Above is a small, low-res walk cycle, which I worked on as a self-portrait (without reference material) in Aseprite for a handful of days in April 2022.
I'm not entirely happy with the motion of the left leg, and some of the bigger movements could have done with some smearing. Also, while it does suggest more detail than is there, some of the shading on the clothing appears unnaturally noisy. With that said, I think I did an alright job of exaggerating my natural walk.
Here's a small animation loop of Fennel (from the video game Button City) dancing, which I created in Aseprite over a couple of days in August 2021.
While I find the little dance quite charming, I feel that I didn't focus enough on having expressive keyframes, so it comes across as pretty stiff. Also, the smearing's perhaps a bit excessive (considering the relative lack of motion), the loop isn't clean, and the character's proportions warp as he moves. It was fun to make, though, and cool to work with someone else's design and palette.
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