I'm Dean Rands, a game designer, developer and programmer (who studied Games Design & Art at the University of Southampton's Winchester School of Art).
Video games have been my passion for the majority of my time on this planet, and I've only grown fonder of them over the years. With a love for a medium that allows for so much variety, creativity and emotional resonance, I think it's natural that I want to create games that can connect with people in the way that my favourites connected with me.
With growing experience in game design, C# programming, Unity implementation and physical and digital 2D image creation, I'm seeking to further my skills and eventually develop games that I can look back on in pride.
Although I can work individually, games are built on a foundation of teamwork, and working with others was a highlight of my course and my (somewhat brief) time working at Moving Brands. I hope that's reflected in my work, and I look forward to seeing what can be achieved together in future.
Thank you for checking out my work, and please don't hesitate to get in touch.