For my university course's Final Major Project, I handled the programming and Unity implementation, and collaborated for the design of, Gloria. The game is about coming together by attaining understanding through the universal language of music, and it started as an exploration into the theme of "loneliness".
While I handled the programming of the entire game's functionality, my core focus was on representing the game's different musical languages through abstract, intuitive minigames using Unity's line renderer.
Gloria has certainly been my most ambitious project to date, and it couldn't have been achieved without the extensive collaborative efforts within the team. Ella Dawson was the game's creative director and concept and promotional artist; Bernardo Viola handled most of the initial mechanical design work, and handled a portion of the game's 3D modelling; George Rickard worked with me on the later design work (iterating on Bernardo's work), managed the project and handled a portion of the 3D modelling; Samuel Green composed and created most of the game's music; Tim Burnelis composed and created the piano-related music; Sidhhant Girhotra created most of the game's visual effects, comprised of particle systems and shaders.
Gloria can be downloaded for free at:
You can find out more about the game from my Third Year documentation, or via
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